Project Failures That Will Disrupt Your Customer-Centered Strategy

Project failures become of paramount importance every time you work on the implementation of a customer-centered strategy in any organization, to the extent that if these failure are not adequately managed, they could easily derail your strategy. Most executives and project managers know project failures are all too common, and the worst thing is that […]

Differentiate By Assessing Your Customer-Centric Maturity Level

Keeping your customers happy and your organization ahead of competition has become an incommensurable task. A task where you sacrifice more time, money and resources than ever, and where results are unpredictable. That customers has become scarce and hard to gain is something that nobody questions today. And as if all this was not enough, […]

The 5 Principles Of Customer-Centricity

The purpose of the 5 Principles of Customer-Centricity is to provide companies with a better understanding of the key processes underlying the implementation of a customer-centric Maturity model, as well as to engage senior management and the workforce in avoiding delays, mistakes and misunderstandings along the customer-oriented transformation path. If you are using customer-centric management […]

The CFO As A Catalyst For Successful Customer-Centered Strategies

The role of the CFO in the process of implementation and transformation towards a customer-centered business model is critical and affects three key areas of change: the ability to lead the customer-centered strategies developed by the company, the need to measure organizational performance based on customer value, and the financial support required by change initiatives. […]